WASH & Rehabilitation Coordinator @ Tunis – Tunisia

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WASH & Rehabilitation Coordinator @ Tunis - Tunisia

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Job Description

General Context :

Libya, a mostly desert and oil-rich country with an ancient history, has more recently been known for the 42-year rule of the mercurial Colonel Muammar Gaddafi -and the chaos that has followed his departure (BBC, 2019). The country has splintered, and since 2014 has been divided into competing political and military factions based in Tripoli and the east. Among the key leaders are Prime Minister Fayez Sarraj, head of the internationally-recognized government in Tripoli, Khalifa Haftar; leader of the Libyan National Army, which controls much of eastern Libya; Aghila Saleh, speaker of the House of Representatives based in the eastern city of Tobruk; and Khaled Mishri, the elected head of the High State Council in Tripoli.

Humanitarian consequences:

Libya continues to struggle to cope with the effects of ongoing conflict and insecurity, an economic and governance crisis and the impacts of COVID-19. In 2020, around 2.5 million people have been the most affected, with 1.3 million people having the most severe needs and requiring humanitarian assistance. This is the result of a deterioration or partial collapse of living standards and basic services, an increased reliance on the use of negative coping strategies and widespread grave violations of human rights and significant impact on physical and mental wellbeing.

Despite the crisis, Libya remains an attractive destination for migrant workers due to an economy that relies on foreign labour, higher salaries and historical ties, as well as being a transitory route for people seeking opportunities or asylum in Europe. An estimated 655,000 refugees and migrants are in Libya, including 48,000 registered refugees and asylum seekers. However, refugees and migrants continue to be exposed to protection risks, human rights violations, exploitation and abuse (HNO, 2021).


The WASH & Rehabilitation coordinator ensures the monitoring of qualitative and operational aspects of the mission’s WASH & Rehabilitation programmes on a day-to-day basis. He/She technically supervises the WASH & Rehabilitation team jointly with the relevant field coordinators in the bases. The WASH & Rehabilitation department is a multi-sectorial department, focusing on WASH, infrastructure and NFI activities such as rehabilitation of WASH facilities, rehabilitation of Health facilities and NFI/Hygiene Kits distribution to vulnerable populations.

  • Programmes: He/She coordinates the WASH & Rehabilitationteams jointly with the Field Coordinators, ensures the operational, qualitative and integrated aspects of programmes are put into practice properly (monitoring of objectives, respecting due dates and budgetary provisions, quality control, integrated approach).
  • Evaluation / Strategy / Development: He/She participates, for his technical sector, in creating an operational strategy and suggests new operations according to needs identified at base and mission level. He strongly participates (in coordination with other national coordinators and the relevant Field cordinators) in the design and implementation of assessments and in the design and overall project cycle management of all WASH & Rehabilitation projects at mission level. He/She is responsible for the design and the implementation of mitigation risk measures due to the remote management set up for his/her department.
  • Human resources: He/She supervises the technical component of the teams operating on WASH & Rehabilitation WASH & Rehabilitation (participates in technical evaluations, helps defining technical objectives, written tests, interviews). He/She supports the line managers of the WASH & Rehabilitation departement in designing and implementing a training plan for all the WASH & Rehabilitation
  • Representation: Upon delegation of the Deputy Head Of Mission program, He/She ensures and coordinates representation at mission level with partners, donors and different authorities, participation to the working group (WASH, NFI/Shelter sectors).
  • Coordination: He/She ensures that information is efficiently communicated between the WASH & Rehabilitation teams and other teams (support, programs…) and he ensures a proper coordination and information sharing with other national level coordinators (Log, Admin…)
  • Logistical, administrative and financial monitoring: He/she coordinates with the Logistic and Administration coordinator for the procurement and Financial Follow up.

 Principales activités


  • He/She supervises the technical quality of WASH & Rehabilitation WASH & Rehabilitation related activities, including project and site visits, monitoring the quality of interventions, meeting PUI’s WASH & Rehabilitation staff and all the external stakeholders.
  • He/She guarantees gateways between the other program departments in the design and the implementation of the activities (sharing information, integrated assessments…)
  • He/She alerts the Deputy Head Of Mission program in cases of delays identified in implementation of WASH & Rehabilitation programmes and suggests adjustments (in terms of activities, operation area, budget, schedule etc).
  • He/She, leads the WASH & Rehabilitation components assessments and proposal (narative, techncial design, financial design, support needs, data analysis and reporting…)
  • He/She ensures that donor reporting for WASH & Rehabilitation WASH & Rehabilitation projects are prepared (Monthly and ad-hoc reports).
  • He/she participates and support plannings at base and coordination levels.
  • He/she updates on monthly bases the context regarding needs at National and base level
  • He/She ensures that WASH & Rehabilitation teams respect PUI’s procedures and formats and are in compliance with the PUI’s operation policy. In case of non-compliance with PUI policies, he/she directly share an alert to his line manager.
  • He/She collects all the means of verification on a regular basis as listed in the WASH & Rehabilitation remote strategy and he/she develops solid synergies with the support department and other programmatic departments to systematically cross-check these means of verification.
  • He/She leads and ensures an institutional knowledge building strategy for WASH & Rehabilitation interventions and defines, with the Deputy Head Of Mission program the relevant documents and tools to be produced.
  • He/she reviews Project Monitoring Tools (PMTs), design planning tools for the WASH & Rehabilitation activities
  • Design follow up tools to monitor the progress of WASH & Rehabilitation activities.
  • He/She updates the different package of tools (such as DC and Urban settings package) within the WASH & Rehabilitation department and ensures that all the tools are used properly
  • He/She feed the coordination team with regular progress reports, particularly in analysis of indicators and results of the mission’s WASH & Rehabilitation programs.


  • He/She participates in preparing a mission Strategy for the WASH & Rehabilitation department.
  • He/She designs clear SOPs for the WASH, infrastructure and NFI activities within the mission.
  • He/She will support the MEAL team in the preparation and during assessments. He/She guarantees the quality ofthe data collection and analysis.
  • He/She participates in the follow up of the humanitarian situation in the country and reports needs to the Deputy Head Of Mission program and HQ referent. He/She sends regular situation update and analysis to the Deputy Head Of Mission program and HQ Referent.He/She leads the design and the implementation of a risk mitigation measures strategy for the WASH & Rehabilitation departement for all the bases.


He/She is the technical supervisor of the WASH & Rehabilitation project team at mission level.

Thus, he/she designs job descriptions of project manager and officers before sending to the relevant field Coordinators.

He/She leads department meetings and define with the Field Coordinators priorities and activity schedules.

He/She leads with the line managers in the recruiting of the members of his/her team and participate in the end of contract process for positions under his/her technical area. He/She designs with the line managers the job description and the written tests for the positions under his/her technical area.

He/She ensures and/or supervises the continued training of the local and an international member of his/her team (organizational, methodological and technical support), participates in the identification of training needs and recommends training action internally or externally.


  • He/she also alerts the relevant Field Coordinators and Deputy Head Of Mission program if gaps are observed during his/her field visit in order that corrective action should be taken.


  • He/She ensures information is efficiently communicated between the national coordination and the field.
  • He/She participates actively in coordination meetings.
  • He/She coordinates, under the supervision of the Deputy Head Of Mission program, the sector representation of PUI among partners, donors and different authorities at mission level such as WASH and NFI/Shelter sectors, QIPs coordination meetings, ad-hoc meetings with partners in the East…
  • He/She ensures the external reporting linked to the sectors and the differents coordination meetings.


  • He/She analyses the supply chain process in place for all equipment and materialsunder the WASH & Rehabilitation activities and proposes specific improvements if needed.
  • In collaboration with the logistics coordination, he/she contributes to the procurement processes of his/her departement (preparation of the tender documents, analyzing bids made by suppliers and reporting process).
  • He/She participates in the FFU meetings to support the WASH & Rehabilitation team at field level.
  • He/She makes sure in collaboration with the Deputy Head Of Mission program that logistical, administrative and financial procedures are established for WASH & Rehabilitation projects and alerts the relevant Field Coordinators and the coordination team if gaps are observed in order that corrective action may be taken

Profil recherché


Technical training in water supply, sanitation and hygiene

University degree in civil engineering or construction works

Expériences professionnelles

3 years as a manager of humanitarian projects (international position)

Successful experience in expatriate team management and in management of WASH and/or Rehabilitation Programs and/or shelter/NFI

Water supply, sanitation, hygiene, infrastructures, shelter/NFI

Aptitudes transversales

Good writing skills

Strong Knowledge in project management

Excellent technical structural calculation skills

Excellent network calculation and water analysis skills

Good knowledge of procurement and contracts management processes


English Mendatory


Strong commitment to humanitarian principles

Ability to work independently, take initiative and take responsibility

Resilience to stress

Works well in and promotes teamwork, comfortable in a multicultural environment, flexible and able to handle pressure with professional grace

Diplomacy and open-mindedness & Good analytical skills

Organization and ability to manage priorities

Proactive attitude

Ability to work and manage professionally and maturely


  • Rémunération Employed with a Fixed-Term Contract
  • Monthly gross income: from 2 200 up to 2 530 Euros depending on the  experience in International Solidarity + 50 Euros per semester seniority with PUI
  • Prises en charge
  • Cost covered: Round-trip transportation to and from home / mission, visas, vaccines…
  • Insurance : including medical coverage and complementary healthcare, 24/24 assistance and repatriation
  • Housing :in collective accommodation
  • Daily living Expenses (« Per diem »)
  • Vacances
  • Break Policy : 5 working days at 3 and 9 months
  • Paid Leaves Policy : 5 weeks of paid leaves per year + return ticket every 6 months (for missions of 8 months minimum)

Ref: CP051-Jo002