Operation and Process manager
  • Member Since,September 29, 2021

Nine years experience in the wastewater treatment field including process design and optimization with a strong track record in operations & laboratory management, O&M start-up, power optimization, planning, troubleshooting, REX, Technical evaluation.

Certified as official SUEZ - Expert in Wastewater Treatment field and Plant operations optimization.

Certified SUEZ In-house trainer based upon my teaching ability and my technical skills in the wastewater treatment field allowing me to Prepare and Conducted several technical training programs and workshops for Suez clients and Employees in the water and wastewater treatment field.

High knowledge and experience in wastewater plant commissioning (operation, process , mechanical )
High experience in preparing Tender technical specifications for water and wastewater treatment fields.


  • Studying Master of Business Administration (MBA)
    2019 - 2023 ESLSCA University

  • BS : Production Engineering
    2006 - 2012 Alexandria university

    The graduation project was selected as one of thebest 3 projects for 2012 by the Alexandria faculty of engineering board membersand selected one of the top 5 projects for all Egypt faculties of engineeringprojects for the same year.

Work Experience

  • 24-11-2019 - Present
    Operation & Process manager

    : Al Amerat Wastewater treatmentplant – Muscat – Oman.Applied Site Technology: Ultrafiltration membranes bio-reactor (MBR) , Activatedsludge system, Centrifuge dewatering system , Chlorination system and chemical OCUsystem for air treatment.

    Key Role: Responsible for a consistent plant operations and process controls to achieve thecontractual KPIs and build a sufficient follow-up system.Supervising a team of 22 members (Engineers& Technicians).


     Duties andResponsibilities:

    ·        Build, Train and ManageOperation & laboratory teams for Al-Amerat STP.

    ·        Create Process monitoringprotocols and tools (Process table, Process calculation table, Mass balancetables, Process diagrams, Process loads distribution diagrams  ).

    ·        Monitor, Control,Troubleshoot, Analyzing and Rectify all operational and process parameters.

    ·        EnsureAL Amerat operation and process treatment stability to meet contractualrequirements and the Group KPIs.

    ·        Stablish a strong relationshipwith Client and project stakeholders that serves the project Renewal plan.

    ·        Share Suez and  personal technical experience with our clients(Ministry of Housing / Haya water ) to serve their needs in other projects inwater or wastewater fields.

    ·        Guide and support our Clientin technical operations optimization and energy optimization projects.

    ·        Prepare and deliver six-monthtraining program for the End user (Omani ministry of housing)

    ·        Prepare and Conduct severalworkshops and meetings that capitalize the role of SUEZ – Oman.

    ·        Prepare Training Program forAL Amerat O&M team to serve the technical needs.

    ·        Support the Commercial team inpreparing and validating technical tenders and exploring new businessopportunities.

    ·        Prepare and Control plant Al Amerat operationalcosts.

    ·        Conduct Technical Trainingsfor team development.

    ·        Implementation of Suez QA/QCplans to meet (ISO 50001, ISO 9001, ISO 45001)

    ·        Prepare & validate AlAmerat O&M Manuals & SOPs.

    ·        Ensure Al Amerat project Assetsare properly and regularly maintained according to the PM and CM plan appliedand create follow-up system for it.

  • 01-12-2016 - 01-12-2015
    Process manager

    East Wastewater Treatment Plant –Alexandria - Egypt (

  • 01-01-2016 - 19-01-2022
    Deputy Process Manager

    Employer: SUEZ- EGYPT

  • 01-04-2014 - 01-03-2014
    Process Engineer

    Employer: Suez- EGYPT

  • 01-09-2012 - 19-01-2022
    Operation Engineer

    Employer: Suez- EGYPT

    Location: East Wastewater Treatment Plant –Alexandria – Egypt

Professional Skills

Staff Management
Budget management
lean Six SEGMA Green Belt
VCAT-II Vibration Analysis


  • 2019
    Certification of Suez In-house trainer

  • 2021
    Grade of Exceed Expectation

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  • 2018
    KEY EXPERT in SUEZ group

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  • 2014
    Best Employee

  • 2013
    Best Employee

  • 2017
    Safety Certificate of appreciation

  • 2016
    Safety Certificate of appreciation

  • 2017
    TOT (training of trainers)

  • 2018
    lean Six SEGMA Green Belt

  • 2015
    VCAT-II Vibration Analysis

  • 2011
    Welding Certification Test